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A Few Best Men (2011)
« on: 02 July, 2012., 19:56:44 CEST »

While they are on holiday, David and Mia meet and fall in love. By the end of the week, David proposes to Mia and they will be married withing a few days. David travels back to England and rounds up his three best friends, sensible Tom, naive Graham and recently dumped-in turn depressed Luke, and the groom and his best men trek to Australia for David and Mia's wedding. But Mia's parents, Barbara and Jim are skeptical of this sudden elopement and when Jim's prized sheep gets involved, all hell breaks loose.


Predobar film, englesko-australijska komedija.  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Umirao sam od smjeha. Obozavam ove nenafurane odlicne evropske komedije, i da, ovo je nesto ala Hangover, al puuuuuuno puno bolje, preporuka i obavezno pogledajte! I da, film je nevjerojatno podcjenen na IMDB.
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Re: A Few Best Men (2011)
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Malo mi vuce na Hangover, ali pogledam. Volim britanske komedije :D
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