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Before the Rain (1994)
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Before the Rain (1994)

Macedonian movie with highly positives reviews and best Macedonian movie EVER!

Won GOLDEN LION, Nominated for Oscar for best foreign movie!

The film is divided into three stories, all of which focus on tragic and ill-fated love affairs. In the first episode, Words, we meet Kiril, a young monk who has taken a vow of silence, who stands up for Zamira, a young Albanian girl who stands accused of murder and is on the run from a mob. For her sake, Kiril leaves the monastery and the two of them make their way through the beautiful Macedonian landscape. Unfortunately their romance is heading towards a sudden and brutal end.

Faces is set in bustling and trendy London. Anne, a beautiful picture editor, is torn between the love of her husband Nick and the attraction she feels for Aleksandar, a disillusioned war photographer. She is pulled into a series of tragic events by a shoot-out at a nearby restaurant.

The third and final story, Pictures, brings the two previous stories together. It focuses on Aleksandar's return to Macedonia to settle. He learns that the war has divided his home village and that his Albanian neighbours are now seen as enemies. Hana, an Albanian woman he was, and apparently still is, in love with, asks him to take care of her daughter Zamira. While Aleksandar sets out to find the girl, a storm is building on the horizon, and the film returns us to its beginning.
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